Boswell’s Premium Burley

Blender’s description:
Created by J.M. April 2007 A carefully well balanced blend creating a mild but full bodied flavor. A Kentucky Burley ripened to the fullest flavor. This is a winner with our customers, no other Burley like it!

In the pouch, the tobacco is soft to the touch, mostly medium with flecks of black. The pouch aroma is slightly sweet with maybe just a hint of Vanilla. This is another tobacco that is a joy to fill, light, and smoke.

The flavor while smoking is very smooth and mellow. There are much stouter burley blends out there, but this is just right for starting the day with a cup of coffee or enjoying in warm weather. I can barely detect any added flavor and the sweetness is subdued. Whatever processing this tobacco underwent has driven out any hint of harshness or capacity to nip the tongue.

As the bowl progresses the burley flavor deepens without going bitter and the sweetness subsides even further. The most serious burley aficionados may find this lacking in the body and strength department, but those looking for a well behaved, neutral flavored, straightforward burley smoke will likely find a keeper.