1864 Perfect Mixture by Larsen

The tin description:

“1864” is the Perfect Mixture. A modern version of an early successful blend by W.O. Larsen. The 1864 mixture consists of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos from the best tobacco fields on three continents. The balanced Virginia tobaccos are blended with fermented Black Cavendish and premium Burley from the U.S.A., Malawi, and Mexico. We have added a seductive flavor to ensure a generous and delicate taste – truly a Perfect Mixture.

This is by far the best aromatic I have smoked and a masterpiece of a blend in its own right. I don’t have a special affection for aromatics, but I do enjoy a good one, and this is by far my favorite. Smoking pipe tobacco doesn’t often get better than this.

The balance between quality tobacco and top flavor is perfect. Neither is overwhelmed by the other; instead, they work in harmony with each other to make a wonderful overall smoke.

I can’t identify the flavor – at one point I thought it was a combination of orange and chocolate, but now I’m leaning towards something like anise and something else. The flavor is mysteriously familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s just good.

The base blend of tobaccos tastes like high quality. The burn is problem-free. No tongue bite and I’m a pipe smoker who has to be careful. I smoke this in my favorite briars without hesitation – it leaves no ghost flavors. The blend is at a suitable moisture directly from a freshly opened pouch.

Even if you have been put off by aromatic house blends or over the counter vanilla bombs and have sworn off aromatics, give this a try.