Oriental 14 by McClelland – Pipe Tobacco Review

Oriental 14 by McClelland Tobacco Company

Tin description:

“Dark with Latakia and black Virginias, deeply seasoned with Orientals, this is the classic Full Scottish Mixture.”

Latakia-rich blends can be monochromatic when there aren’t enough Orientals. McClelland’s doesn’t make that mistake with Oriental 14. McClelland Virginias have a special tang and that’s not lost under all the Latakia and Oriental leaf in this blend. Latakia comes in at the medium to full range and I believe its the Orientals lending not only spice but a little sweetness alongside the deep, bassy sweetness of the Virginias.

The cut makes for easy filling, and the burning characteristics are adequate to enjoy a bowl without extra fuss. Those susceptible to tongue bite from McClelland products should get away with a bowl or two a day of 14 but may not find it suited for all day smoking.

Overall this is a rich and delicious blend that will likely be enjoyed by most English and Balkan blend lovers.

Fragrant Matured Cake #2000 by McClelland

This light, soft sweet cake is designed to appeal to many smokers of Matured Virginias who have been unable to endure aromatics but who would prefer a tobacco that smells sweeter in the room, as well as smokers of traditional aromatic cavendishes that would like a cooler dryer smoking tobacco.

I find this blend does appeal to my tastes in Virginias while also being gentle and light enough to smoke in place of a aromatic. This is far from goop – the taste is very clean, the scent is discreet, the pleasant qualities of Virginia leaf aren’t missed, but it does lack the body of a “full-on” Virginia. An excellent tobacco to begin the day.

McClelland Bulk A.M. Pipe

A great ‘first pipe’ of the day for the fan of English mixtures. Awaken your senses with this blend of Orientals, bright and red Virginias and a hint of Latakia.

Does this ring any bells? Remind you of anything? I just heard from the great folks at SmokingPipes.com that this is one of the new blends that have appeared from McClelland in the wake of the disappearance of some old favorites from another big name in pipe tobacco.

McClelland Bulk 5100 Red Cake

This blend is a style of English Virginia that has seldom been seen in the United States. A sweet, exceptionally soft, fully rubbed matured cake.

Another classic pipe tobacco from McClelland!

I’m anxious to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment about your experiences smoking this pipe tobacco!

McClelland Bulk 2015 Virginia and Perique Flake

This popular flake is made from orange and red Virginias, to which enough Perique has been added to create a refreshing smoke with a satisfying richness and depth of flavor.

This, in my opinion, is one of the standards by which Virginia-Perique pipe tobacco blends should be judged. I also have to point out that the excellent quality compared to the modest price of McClelland 2015 proves smoking pipe tobacco doesn’t need to be expensive.

Let’s hear your comments.