Old Dublin by Peterson – Pipe Tobacco Review

Old Dublin by Peterson Pipe Tobacco Review

Old Dublin by Peterson - Pipe Tobacco

This traditional mixture of the finest Latakia, Turkish oriental, and Virginia Leaf is slowburning, cool and still blended by hand.

Two thoughts struck me as I lit up my first bowl Old Dublin. The first was “wow, this is so middle of the road, but in a good way.” The second thought was “where you been all my life!” Further bowls have revealed a most pleasant English that is perfectly tolerable in every way. I think this is what I noticed when I was seeing Old Dublin in the middle. There wasn’t anything extraordinary that I had to interpret, it just tastes good – it tastes like an English blend rather than an English blend but only little more this, or like and English blend, but with a lot of that. Like the tin description says – traditional English. Old Dublin was not an attempt to reinvent the wheel.

If anything stands out it is the Orientals. They are absolutely heavenly to my taste, much like a dry white wine. I love Old Dublin after a meal whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has this dry fragrant character. Of course, when I say dry I don’t mean the moisture content, but the taste. So, the Turkish is right up there with everything else. Latakia fanatics may be underwhelmed, but those of us who would rather the Latakia leave room for others will find the proportions a wise choice on the blender’s part. There is more tang than sweetness from the Virginias. You have to pay attention or you may miss it.

The cut is ribbon, fine to medium. Moisture was perfect from a fresh tin. The burn is perfect and a good fill is near effortless. I had no problem with tongue bite and the strength is suitable and satisfying any time of the day. If you like English and Balkans, especially in the medium range, you’ll want to try this if you haven’t already. If you have tried it, or even if you haven’t, please comment below.

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University Flake by Peterson – Video Review

Tin Description: A mild easy smoking blend of fine Virginia and Burley tobaccos, made the traditional way.

A light berry essence melds nicely with the Virginia and what I believe is likely some dark fired Kentucky Burley. Whether you crumble Peterson University Flake out or fold and stuff, I find it burns evenly enough even fresh from the tin. The Burley makes it a fairly hearty blend with a few robust moments coming throughout the smoke. I experience no tongue bite from University Flake.

Peterson University Flake has become somewhat of a classic pipe tobacco. While being unique, it also sets a standard for Virginia and Burley Flake pipe tobacco. Try smoking Peterson University Flake with the air pocket method.

Peterson’s Sherlock Holmes

(Note: this post originally appeared on my other blog to which I no longer add tobacco related information.)

To be honest, I don’t remember when I even bought this tin of tobacco.  I don’t know why I bought this tin of tobacco.  It has been sitting in a drawer by its lonesome among a bunch of junk pipe parts for years, not with my beloved cellared blends.  I’ve never given it much thought.  In my mind, I figured it would be an over-sweet mess that would get tried and never finished.

This morning, I was in the mood for an aromatic.  But not one of Vanilla, butterscotch, BCA type aromatics I generally rotate to on these occasions.  Somehow, I recalled this was sitting in that junk drawer, waiting for me, unopened.

What a pleasant surprise.  The leaf is excellent.  I can easily make out the base of Virginias, and I’m guessing the burley component is something along the pedigree of Dark Fired Kentucky.  But there’s just a touch – just the right touch – of that burley to give this blend what it needs.  I’m guessing some of the tobacco is cavendish, but I’m not certain of that.

The tobacco is superbly well behaved.  Straight from the freshly opened tin, and into a meer, it burns readily and dry with no need of relights with proper cadence.  Not even a hint of tongue bite or bitterness from top to bottom.  It produces generous volumes of smoke with a rich, smooth mouth feel and a sweet mellow taste.

I can’t figure out the flavor that its cased or topped with.  It reminds me a little of Earl Grey tea or maybe peaches.  It’s hard to pick out because the flavoring is noticeable, but it doesn’t cover up the tobacco flavor – it blends seamlessly with it.  The overall taste and feel is very natural and clean.  I don’t expect this would foul a briar or leave ghosts as it smokes so dry and the flavoring isn’t syrupy.  After dumping the finished bowl, there was no visible moisture at the bottom of the bowl.

I highly recommend this blend to anyone except the most militant of purists who reject anything flavored.