Mario Grandi Pipes

I don’t usually post about pipes, but I wanted to pass this one along. Not bidding myself so go for it! By the way, I’ve heard nothing but good things about these pipes and you have to love the price. This one is a real beauty.

What kind of pipe smoker are you?

Over at A Passion for Pipes Neill came up with a really cool way to examine your own pipe smoking. I took his test and had a lot of fun with this today.

He breaks everything down into four general categories. (Yeah, yeah, I know – none of them will perfectly fit you – we’re all so unique.) I was surprised at how well the “Smoker” category fits me.

Go have a look and see where you fit in.  I’m the type who is very serious about the hobby, but my focus is more on the smoking (I’d further stipulate the tobacco itself) than on the pipes.

Neill's pipe smoking behavior variables grid

I’m way up there in the red. In Neill’s words:

“[I] like and admire a handsome pipe, but if it doesn’t deliver a good smoke then it is a door-stop, not a pipe. [My] passion is the tobaccos [I] love and [my] pipes are necessary for the smoking experience. When [I] think about buying a pipe, it is primarily because [my] rotation requires it, not because [I] want another bright and shiny object on [my] rack. [I] can’t understand buying a pipe and not smoking it. When somebody proudly shows you a new pipe, your first question is “How does it smoke?” … [I] choose [my] pipes based on how comfortable they are in the hand and in the mouth. [I] like a nice rusticated or blast pipe and are not all that thrilled about paying high prices for smooth pipes.”

Pipe Collectors Journey

Neill over at A Passion For Pipes has recently put up an extraordinary series of articles on pipe collecting. This is information of the depth and quality people look for when they buy books. Be sure to visit and don’t forget to bookmark his site. It is a resource you’ll want to return to.

Here are the Chapter headings in his series:

Chapter 1 – Intro
Chapter 2 – The Collector’s Pre-disposition
Chapter 3 – The Phases of Pipe collecting
Chapter 4 – The Exploration Phase
Chapter 5 – Focusing Your Collection

Hello world!

This post marks the beginning of this new blog dedicated entirely to smoking pipe tobacco. Previously, on my other blog, I had posted about pipe tobacco related topics, but I posted about a wide range of other things too. People who arrived looking for my posts about current events were likely surprised to see posts about smoking pipe tobacco, and my fellow pipe smokers may not have been enthralled with my political opinions.

I decided to compartmentalize so I could maintain a proper focus at each blog. I added some of the posts from my old site, you can still see all my old posts about smoking pipe tobacco there.

I have some big plans for this blog – expect some big changes. The online pipe smoking community has been very good to me and I intend to give back. There are some things we can do online that aren’t being taken full advantage of and my goal is to fix that. More on this later.

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